Your Commitment in Real Assets

Investor perspectives have undergone a massive shift in recent years. The persistently strained situation of the global economy has generally changed the relationship between risk and reward. Also, the profitability of government bonds has plunged, and even their role as safe haven has been subject to review. Lowering this dependence on capital market trends for our clients is our stated objective.

As long-term partner of institutional investor, we are convinced that we are in a position to help our clients cope with this time of change. By carefully selecting assets rather than going for extensive and complex portfolios. By engaging in hands-on projects, rather than revelling in big promises and visions. Fielding very real values of today, not tomorrow's bubbles.

Bringing experience, organisational structures, and real values to the job will make it easy for you to take the next step. Together with a team that may already be familiar to you. Drawing on the synergy potential of a broadly positioned conglomerate. And, above all, together with you!

We develop real values for you – not abstract strategies

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We are currently in a market phase where it makes sense to ponder fundamental issues. To ask questions, and to work together on finding the right answers. The core issue we keep coming back to is this:
How do we generate a sustainable yield?

There is no short-cut to the right kind of answer – indeed, for us it has been an ongoing process for more than four decades. Today, our long-term principle of investing systematically in innovation pays off for you directly – in the form of assets that are well established in their markets or else immediately ready for the market. Real values and portfolios that you have direct access to. These are projects we have not only intensely pursued over years, but have positively helped to shape across their entire value chain. Add to this our comprehensive experience in structuring these values and packaging them into tailored fund products, omnibus mandates, or single investments. This is precisely why we are convinced that your motivation and our investment philosophy perfectly complement each other.


Our experience shows that values are not created at the stock exchange. Rather, they are the result of hard work and true networking.

We at Commerz Real have never believed that pushing bits and bytes through optic fibre cable will in and of itself generate added value. Our assets are not abstract figments, but physical facts. Rather than existing as buzzwords on multi-coloured flip charts, they are palpable reality in trading estates and high streets all over Europe. They are rolling down the runways of international airports. Navigating the world's sea lanes. And they constitute a ground-breaking piece of our future infrastructure.


Uninterrupted documentation. Continuous reporting. Constant flow of communication. These are undoubtedly important prerequisites for ensuring maximum transparency. Owing to our integration into the Commerzbank Group, we already live up to the highest legal requirements as it is. On top of that, however, we have lately re-committed ourselves to a key factor: Our strategically selected single investments provide you with the highest decision confidence in every phase of your investment.

Commerz Real will let you know precisely what assets you are investing in. Identifying the opportunities open to you, and the ways in which we manage the risks. From the start, we will put all the facts on the table. By offering bespoke and tailored solutions, we ensure that you always have instant access to all components they include.

The people we work with are united by a shared sense of motivation: They wish to commit themselves, the sooner, the better.

Counting in our Favour.

  • A Commerzbank AG member company
  • More than 40 years in the tangibles business
  • Institutional investors & corporate clients
  • Structuring bespoke funds in five asset classes
  • Maximum transparency & clear structuring
  • Attractive returns on investment
  • Stable long-term investments in real assets
  • Personal advisory & facilitation